When a Uttoxeter mother noticed her son was squinting at the TV she thought he perhaps needed glasses, little did she know that the cause was far more sinister.

Six-year-old Harrison Evans had been struggling with his vision and suffering from headaches and nausea, so his mum Jo decided to book an appointment at their local opticians, Specsavers in Uttoxeter.


Harrison was seen by one of the store’s optometrists Taslema Rob who quickly picked up that all wasn’t right.  The back of his eyes were very inflamed (a condition called bilateral papilloedema) and so she immediately referred him to the Queens Hospital in Burton-on-Trent.  After undergoing various tests Harrison was diagnosed with benign intra-cranial hypertension - abnormally high pressure inside the skull.

‘It was such a shock,’ said Jo.  ‘At first we put Harrison’s sickness and headaches down to a virus, but when the symptoms persisted and he started struggling with his sight, we thought we’d better get his eyes checked.  We never imagined anything like this.’

Harrison had to undergo a lumbar puncture to relieve the pressure on his brain.  He is now on medication and still has regular checkups but recovering well.

Importance of eye tests

‘I’m grateful to Specsavers for helping to pick up the condition and for the prompt response – it’s helped ensure Harrison’s condition didn’t deteriorate further. I’d urge other parents to make sure they get their kids eyes tested regularly.’

‘Stories like Harrison’s, although very rare, show how important it is to ensure you and your children visit your optician regularly,’ added Taslema.  ‘As well as checking your vision, an eye examination can also pick up on a range of medical conditions and so really is a vital health check. We advise customers to visit us at least every two years, unless of course they are experiencing any problems in which case they should come in sooner.’

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