You might be surprised to learn that some people with hearing problems can suffer in silence for up to a decade before seeking help.

That is a real shame, because they affect around one in six people in the UK according to the charity Action on Hearing Loss – so are likely to include someone in your family, or someone who lives on your street.

Free three minute hearing test

The good news is that all it could take to make life better for someone suffering from hearing loss is a quick trip to Specsavers Uckfield, in the High Street.

There, a qualified audiologist will check your hearing in a quick and easy free test. They will give you advice on any hearing loss you have suffered – and help you find the right hearing aid for you if you decide to get one.

Hearing aids to suit your lifestyle

Badrinath Mohandas, store director in Uckfield, said: ‘At Specsavers, we do not charge any more for small, discreet hearing aids whether they fit in or behind your ear, so you can be sure you will get something subtle that suits your lifestyle.

‘There really is no obligation to buy a hearing aid from us, so I would urge anyone who is worried about their hearing to get a test sooner rather than later. Do not suffer in silence.’

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