Staff at Specsavers Tunbridge Wells recently took an evening out to reflect on the ongoing success of the store – and to plan for the future.

Constant improvement

Ian Hyland, store director in Tunbridge Wells, explains: ‘Sometimes it is easy to be so busy doing your job, that you do not take the time to reflect on what you have achieved – or how you can do what you do even better.

‘That is why it was so important to bring the team together to celebrate our success over the last couple of years, and to make plans for how we can continue that success.’

Many years in Tunbridge Wells

The store, in Mount Pleasant Road, has been open for 23 years.

It has an extensive range of frames in store, including a number of designer ranges, and is well-known locally for offering great customer service.

Not complacent

‘We know from our customers that we deliver a great service that makes them return time and time again, and that they value our range of good quality frames at reasonable prices. And we know from our staff that they really love working here and developing their careers.

‘But it is really important not to get complacent in an increasingly crowded marketplace. We want to serve our customers even better, and build a culture where we all do something which goes above and beyond, and recognise others for doing the same, every day.’

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