The recent sunny spell has been well received but for many people summer also means runny noses, sneezing, watery and itchy eyes. The specialists at Specsavers Truro offer some advice.

Why do your eye itch and stream?

The most common cause of hay fever is pollen, released by plants and trees as they begin their new reproductive cycle. For some sufferers, this pollen can cause eyes to become irritated and inflamed. This can be uncomfortable, debilitating and particularly problematic for contact lens wearers.

Dispelling the myth

Leighton Simmons, Specsavers store director, said: ‘Hay fever sufferers who wear contact lenses may notice the vision through their lenses can appear smeary, and eyes can generally feel uncomfortable but there are things you can try.’

Top tips

  • Use contact lens-friendly eye drops to calm itchiness 
  • Wear glasses rather than contact lenses on days where pollen is set to be particularly high. Wraparound sunglasses can also help
  • Try daily disposable lenses during the summer months
  • Try to remove as much pollen from your skin and hair by showering after you’ve been outside
  • If possible, stay inside when the pollen count is very high to avoid irritation

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