Specsavers staff in Truro hit the streets to celebrate the launch of will.i.am’s new glasses range exclusive to Specsavers.

Spreading the word

The eye-conic style with an innovative and futuristic twist was on full display in-store while the team modelled brightly coloured t-shirts and handed out goody bags to passers-by on River Street to spread the word.

A lifelong passion brought to life

In creating this exclusive collection, the star has built on his lifelong passion for striking eyewear, which was first inspired by the hip-hop icons of his youth – such as Run DMC and Flava Flav.

A word from the director

Truro Specsavers store director, Leighton Simmons, said: ‘The new range from will.i.am is really exciting and we love the bold styles. Definitely a great choice for anyone looking to change their style. Between this range and Kylie’s new range we really do have something for every musical taste.’

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