Patients at Stoke Mandeville hospital were surprised last week by some unexpected visitors in the form of store manager Bradley Foster-Edwards and dispensing optician Kieran Cavanagh.

Team Tring

Both were armed with cleaning spray and cloths to spread the joy (and smudges away) to patients who had been in hospital for some time and needed their glasses cleaned.

Bradley says what at first seemed like such a simple act, turned out to be much more, with patients exclaiming to him ‘I can read now’ and ‘this has made the world of difference’.

Amazing feedback

‘We didn’t know what to expect, going into the ward,’ says Bradley, who has been working at Specsavers Tring for five years. ‘But the feedback we got from patients was amazing – we really felt like we had made a difference in their day. We also made sure to leave behind samples of cleaning sprays and cloths so the patients could use them again next time their glasses got too dirty.’

The team says the event was such a success, they are already looking at planning a festive visit at Christmas this year.

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