Divya, the new director of the Tring store helps to run a team of 12 staff. The store has a testing room, lab and hearing centre and is also booked in for a bit of a makeover this year.

Meet Divya

Director and dispensing optician of the Tring store, Divya Kukidia, has been in optics for over 15 years and her favourite part of the job is engaging with the customers and providing a welcoming experience.

Divya is quite literally a part of the Specsavers family with her brother Raj Kukidia working as a director at the Holborn and Brunswick stores.

More about the director

A life-changing experience and highlight of Divya’s career was working in Rajasthan, India, for an eyesight charity.

In Rajasthan, Divya helped people less fortunate where she truly gained awareness of how important sight is and how fortunate we are in countries such as the UK.

Divya is new to the Tring store but has quickly fallen in love with the surrounding area since moving in May. Although an unusual hobby, Divya is a huge fan of cleaning.

Divya said: ‘I love to work with a hands-on approach with the customers and really get to know them. My team of 12 at the Tring Specsavers are like friends to me and I feel very at home here.’

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