Meet Abdul Muhid, Retail Manager at London's Tottenham Court Road store. 

10 years service

Abdul joined the store 10 years ago after a stint in retail with Sainsbury's.   Today, he is responsible for managing one of London's busiest stores, and still loves every minute!

A word from retail manager

Abdul Muhid said: 'I always wanted to work in retail. I thrive on the pace associated with working in a central London location and enjoy interacting with different customers from varied, interesting walks of life.'

Putting customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do

Abdul added: 'As with any retail business, customer satisfaction and quality of service is king. For me, I get a real buzz out of welcoming new customers whose friend has recommended us. It's the ultimate testament that we are getting things right.'

Great fashion choice

Over the years, Abdul has seen lots of fabulous designer brands debut at the store, including Kylie Minogue Eyewear, Diesel, Superdry and recently, Nicole Fahri. 

Abdul cannot pick out a favourite - "too many to name" - but he is very keen to tell people that the store is currently running a free eye test offer and great value with frames, so his store remains the number choice in the area for value.

Abdul said: 'Our promise to offer great value is evident with our free eye test offer. If you haven't had an eye test in the last 2 years, you have no excuse now because it it's free!

'We are not only looking for changes in your vision but the overall health of the eyes. In rare cases, we can pick up early indicators of sight loss conditions, so it's important to book your test every two years.'

Outside of work, Abdul is busy with his family, being dad to two children. Never a quiet, dull moment for Abdul who’s been ensuring customer satisfaction and quality of service for the last 10 years.

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