As eyesight is usually fully developed by the age of eight, the Tiverton store is encouraging parents to make sure their children have their first eye test at the age of three.

Eye tests for all children

Eye tests for all children in Britain are free on the NHS. Parents can take their children for an eye examination even if they are too young to talk or read a letter chart, as Specsavers opticians have equipment and picture charts, which can be used to detect visual defects at any age.

Supporting young people

Emma Denham, store director, which is also supporting young people in the area through sponsoring the Young Writer of the Year Award at the first Tiverton Pride Awards, says: ‘Regular eye tests are vital for children’s eyecare as poor vision is not always obvious to parents. Vision problems can be one of the reasons a child does not perform well at school. The earlier a problem is detected the more chance there is of successful treatment. 

‘We are also thrilled to be sponsoring the Young Writer of the Year Award. We want to encourage everyone under the age of 18 to get their creative hats on and enter.

‘We are always looking for opportunities to help the local community and we believe that this award category fits in perfectly with our aim of encouraging health and creativity in the younger generation.’

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