The store is supporting Kamila Owsianik, aged 20, an optometry student at Cardiff University, by providing much needed hands-on work experience this summer.

Summer Placement Scheme

Kamilla is one of 550 of the estimated 700 second-year optometry students across the UK who will be learning the ropes through a four to six week placement in a Specsavers store this summer.

Placement insight

She commented: ‘I was really happy to get the offer of a student placement with Specsavers. I met Sam (Corrie) from the Tiverton and Taunton stores at the assessment centre in Cardiff and was incredibly impressed with her enthusiasm as well as with how the placement works.

‘The programme is so well organised and structured. I get a workbook and USB stick which provides a huge amount of information. The workbook allows me to keep detailed notes of what I have learned and I can see myself referring to it throughout the rest of my studies and beyond. Everyone in the store is so committed to my development.’

Professional development

Sam Corrie, HR regional manager, said: ‘It’s not easy to recruit optometrists in this part of the world, and the summer placement and pre-registration schemes are ideal for attracting talented professionals to come and work with us. The summer placement is like an extended interview on both sides – we get to know the student, and the student gets to know the team and to experience our culture and our commitment to development.’

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