Young people from Belarus have been enjoying a two week break in Devon thanks to the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline. As part of their visit the youngsters visited Specsavers in Tiverton for an eye examination.

Welcome to Tiverton and Specsavers

Staff at the store welcomed the children with goody bags filled with balloons, a certificate to remember their visit by, rubbers, colouring pens, rubbers and paper, and a Frisbee!

All of the children had an eye examination and three of them required glasses as well as the translator, which the store provided.

Specsavers Tiverton store director, Emma Denham, said: ‘We were delighted to welcome the children from Belarus to the store. The children are still suffering the health consequences of what happened in Chernobyl so if we can make their lives more enjoyable by looking after their eyecare, then that’s fantastic.’ 

Thank you

Ian Addlington from the charity said: ‘The children’s interpreter, Vera Lipovka, would like to express her thanks to Specsavers for their services, which are extremely beneficial.’

The children were also very grateful and brought a gift of salt and pepper shakers for the store’s optometrist, Jenny Shepherd, who visited the children last year.

Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline

The Chernobyl Children's Lifeline charity was established in 1992 by Victor Mizzi O.B.E. to support the children and their families from Belarus and Ukraine forever affected by the world’s worst nuclear disaster. Most of the charity’s work is focused on Belarus, which received over 70 per cent of the radioactive fallout following the explosion in April 1986.

More than 30 years later thousands of children are born with or go on to develop thyroid cancer, bone cancer and leukaemia.

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