The Telford store has been collecting unwanted glasses to help raise funds for international charity Vision Aid Overseas (VAO). 

Old glasses are recycled

Specsavers has been receiving old glasses from customers on behalf of the charity, which delivers eyecare and a sustainable supply of glasses at an extremely low cost to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

The store has also been supporting the local rotary club, which fundraises to provide eye operations and the support of eye camps in disadvantaged areas of India.

Standards of living improved through eye care

Store director Vinay Najran explained: ‘We’ve been collecting for the charity Vision Aid Overseas, which serves numerous people across the globe disadvantaged by poor vision. Through improved eyesight people achieve a better standard of education and ultimately, a better standard of living."  

Store director Rizwaan Makda said, ‘Thank you to all those who donated in the dropbox found in store, if customers would still like to contribute any disused specs, donations are welcome and much appreciated.

‘We are also pleased to support the local rotary club who do a lot in terms of eye care research and providing operations for people with limited access to this technology living in India.’

The charity raises money by recycling the glasses in an environmentally friendly way and uses the money it makes from selling the reusable materials to fund its overseas projects.

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