The winner of a raffle held by Specsavers Telford has been into the store to collect her specs.

Sue Hudson was picked at random to receive a pair of designer glasses after she entered the raffle at Newport Carnival. 

A word from the store director 

She was also due an eye test which was carried out by specialist optometrist and store director, Vinay Najran. This included an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scan which produces a structural scan of the eye, allowing it to be viewed in more detail than ever before. 

‘It was great to have Sue come into the store to choose her frames,’ said Vinay. ‘One of our dispensing opticians, Ben Taylor, who has 20 years’ experience, helped Sue to pick her frames which she was very happy with.’

‘I never win anything so was delighted when I found out that I’d won,’ said Sue. ‘I was really impressed with the scan. Ben was also hugely helpful when it came to choosing my frames so all in all I had a fantastic experience in store.’

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