Audiology experts at Specsavers in Telford are offering ear wax removal through a procedure called Microsuction.

What is microsuction? 

Microsuction is a safe, modern and painless method of removing excessive or troublesome wax without water. The audiologist uses a microscope to get a clear view of the ear canal and ear drum. The suction device is then used to remove wax and takes very little time.

What causes ear wax? 

Many people naturally produce more wax or have a narrow ear canal, making it more difficult to come out naturally. Ear wax also often becomes harder with age, making it difficult to manage.

Where does ear wax come from? 

Ear wax is produced by two types of glands: sebaceous and apocrine sweat. When the wax mixes with the dead skin cells, loose hair follicles or dust it naturally sweeps debris out of the ear. Due to its slightly acidic pH balance, this helps to keep bacteria, fungi and insects out of the ears.

Ears are self-cleaning 

Movement of the jaw helps the ears natural cleaning process. It’s important not to insert fingers or cotton buds into the ear as this often pushes the wax further into the canal.

How often should you get ear wax removed?  
The frequency of ear wax removal varies by individual, as some people simply produce more ear wax than others. The team of qualified and experienced audiologists, who are HCPC registered, in store can advise on an individual basis and carry out the service.

Customer’s story

‘When visiting Specsavers in Telford, I noticed the ear wax removal service was offered,’ said customer, Gareth Protheroe. ‘After explaining that the sound in my one of my ears was dull, the receptionist suggested I get my ear wax removed.

‘I didn’t have to sit and wait for the appointment and the service was far more efficient than I had expected. The procedure was very straightforward with no pain or discomfort. The audiologist was very professional, gentle and her attitude was just brilliant. 

‘The whole experience was fantastic. I have recommended this service to family and friends who I can now hear much better, thanks to Specsavers in Telford for clearing my ear wax.’  

A word from the expert

‘Using olive oil for a few days is the best preparation for ear wax removal,’ said audiologist, Raspal Kaur. ‘The real achievement is when our customers say how wonderful it is to have their hearing back.

‘Often, people have experienced hearing loss, pressure pain, a blocked-up feeling, tinnitus, itchiness and dizziness when wax is present. The appointment lasts 30 minutes and only costs £35 per ear.’

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