Is it time you had a hearing check?

While many of us are taking the time out to make regular trips to the optician and dentist, we’re not so good when it comes to taking care of our hearing.

The Teignmouth Specsavers hearing centre want to help normalise hearing loss by encouraging local residents to come in for regular hearing checks,  and make it part of their healthcare routine.

For some, hearing loss can be very distressing. On average it takes a decade for people to act after finding they have hearing loss. Unfortunately, the longer you leave your potential hearing loss unchecked, the more it will begin to impact on your everyday life.

Donna Morgan, hearcare director at Specsavers hearing centre Teignmouth, says: ‘Along with hearing loss being a natural part of the body’s ageing process, people are exposed to hazardous levels of noise on a daily basis and often don’t notice that their hearing health is gradually declining. One in six people in the UK suffer from some form of hearing loss, we want to encourage people not to suffer in silence.’

Teignmouth Specsavers offers top of the range hearing service facilities that includes a soundproof testing room and state-of-the-art hearing testing equipment. A wide range of digital hearing aids are available to purchase with prices starting from £495, including Specsavers’ exclusive ‘advance’ range. Ear defenders, instant-fit as well as custom-made, are also available.

Bluetooth technology is also offered within hearing aids from Specsavers. This allows the device to connect remotely to everyday technology in the home such as telephones, televisions and personal music players.

Specsavers Teignmouth is also accredited to provide a local free NHS hearing service, from initial assessment through to provision of hearing aids and aftercare. This service gives Teignmouth residents a greater choice and more convenience when it comes to appointment times to see an audiologist on the NHS. To receive NHS treatment patients will first need to see their GP to request a referral to Specsavers.

For further information on free hearing tests or hearing products visit the store at 4 Bank St, Teignmouth, Devon TQ14 8AL or call 01626 870513.