Staff at the store have completed a course, developed with The National Autistic Society, to support customers with autism.

The initiative, which is being rolled out across Specsavers stores nationwide, aims to build the team’s knowledge about the lifelong developmental disability, while helping to improve the customer experience for people with autism, and their carers.

Proud to support

Tavistock store director, Sarah Routly said: ‘Many members of the team have already completed the different learning modules and we are very proud to be involved in supporting The National Autistic Society.’

Staff members Ellie and Serena added: ‘It’s important that all customers’ needs are recognised. We often think of Autism in children but rarely do we consider adults who may be on the spectrum and this qualification will help staff recognise and identify specific needs.’

A word from the charity

The National Autistic Society’s business development manager, Sharlene Wright, said: ‘This has been a great opportunity for us to increase awareness of autism in partnership with an organisation that is proactively seeking to enable autistic people to have a positive experience in its stores.

'It has been an inspiring collaboration and we welcome the open attitudes and minds with which Specsavers is seeking to enhance the lives of people on the autism spectrum.’

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