Audiologists and opticians in Specsavers Taunton are calling on locals to think about their sight and hearing this Deafblind Awareness Week.

Hearing and sight loss in Somerset and Taunton

In Somerset it is estimated that 114,000* people are suffering from some form of hearing loss and 21,970** are estimated to be living with sight loss. In Taunton Deane, those numbers are 23,000 people living with hearing loss and 4,530 people live with sight loss.

Taunton store director, Emma Denham advises

Emma said: ‘Despite these alarming statistics, many of us are not making our hearing and vision health a priority. The extent of the problem means it is highly likely that every family in Taunton is touched by sight problems in some way.

‘A hearing test is free, so it is terrible to learn that so many people are suffering in silence and feeling isolated, even depressed. We would urge everyone to come in and have a hearing or eye health test and if you are concerned about a friend or family member, please come and speak to one of our experts.’

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