Tamworth hearing centre recently hosted a hearing awareness day to help raise funds for the charity Sound Seekers. Specsavers in Tamworth currently offers free hearing checks – in a sound proof booth between the hours of 9am and 5pm.  

‘One in seven people in the UK have some form of hearing loss and many simply suffer in silence,’ said hearing aid audiologist Laura Hale.  ‘We hope to make people in Tamworth more aware of their hearing and the importance of regular tests.’

Alongside fundraising, the centre is also appealing for people to bring in any unwanted analogue hearing aids for Sound Seekers.  The charity recycles the aids and takes them abroad to help improve the lives of deaf children in developing countries.

‘We’re keen to remind people to bring in any unwanted hearing aids too,’ added Laura. ‘We’re aiming to collect 100 aids which will play a small part in helping children in countries where preventable ear diseases are rife and audiology services and hearing aids are scarce.’

Sound Seekers works to improve the lives of deaf children and children suffering from ear disease in developing countries by providing specialist equipment, training and support. 

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