A former apprentice is on the way to becoming a dispensing assistant after joining the Talbot Green store just over two years ago.

Jordan Williams, 23, joined Specsavers in December 2014 as an apprentice after working in a variety of sales jobs. While she had no optical experience, she thrived in the store and has taken on a unique role working between the lab and the shopfloor, covering the lab when the manager is away.

Now, Ms Williams is embarking on a dispensing training course and is hoping that further qualifications will allow her to become a dispensing optician in the future.

‘Burgeoning career’

Discussing her burgeoning eye care career, Jordan said: ‘When I joined Specsavers I wasn’t really sure whether it right for me, but everyone was so welcoming and helpful, and in less than a year I was promoted - becoming a full-time member of staff.

'Although I started in 2014 I feel like I’m still learning something new every day. I’m looking forward to further training and I am seeing what the future will bring.’

Specsavers supports a number of apprentices throughout its stores, and recently highlighted the importance of nurturing new talent during National Apprenticeship Week.

Staff development

Hannah Davies, store director at Talbot Green, said: ‘Jordan has been a pleasure to work with since she joined, and I’m not surprised that she has progressed as quickly as she has. Staff development is a key part of our store’s ethos, ensuring that our team are constantly learning and improving their skills.

‘We welcome any drive to raise awareness of apprenticeships and I wish Jordan the very best as she continues her career development.’

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