Comic Frank Skinner visited the Swiss Cottage store in North London for his annual eye test last month. During his visit to Specsavers, Frank, 61,  who is a contact lens wearer was given advice on how to continue looking after his sight. The Absolute radio presenter also underwent a hearing screening and was surprised to learn his hearing was declining. Frank admitted 'I didn't even know Specsavers did hearing tests, so that was a surprise. I have never previously thought about having a hearing test before. However, I am 61 now so I guess it is human nature that I will start to lose my hearing. I started losing my sight years ago.' 

The importance of hearing tests

Specsavers Chief Audiologist Gordon Harrison explains, ‘It takes on average 10 years for someone to seek help for hearing loss, what many people don’t realise is that a hearing test can flag up other health conditions.

Experts recommend a hearing test every two years for those over 55 or for anyone with a hearing loss.

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