Now that summer holidays are over and a new school term in Swinton is underway, Specsavers Swinton are advising that it’s an ideal time for children to have their eye health checked.

According to research from the College of Optometrists, a quarter of children have never had a sight test.

Children may not be aware or may not be able to explain their vision difficulties, therefore making it very difficult for parents to notice any problems with their child’s sight.

Regular eye tests

Paul Showman, store director at Specsavers Swinton, said: ‘Children should have their eyes tested at least every two years from the age of three in order to maintain optimum health. The earlier that any vision problems are detected - the better the outcome.’

Paul added: ‘Undetected problems with vision can damage a child’s confidence and performance. Subtle signs such as poor handwriting, low-attention span or falling behind peers at school can indicate visual difficulties, so it’s important children undergo regular eye examinations.’

Free on the NHS

Most infants and pre-school children receive regular vision screening as part of their routine developmental checks. These early tests are invaluable, but are not as comprehensive as a full eye examination by a qualified optometrist.

At Specsavers the test is designed to be friendly and fun for kids of all ages. Eye tests for children under 16 and in full time education are free on the NHS.

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