Occurring naturally with age, or as a result of too much loud noise over time, hearing loss affects one in six people in the UK. Unlike sight loss, it is often a very gradual process and can happen over a number of years, so people sometimes don’t realise their hearing is getting worse.

Looking after your ears

The hearcare team at Specsavers Swindon is on hand to make sure you take the same care looking after your ears as you do your eyes. Headed up by hearing aid audiologist Kane Akers who carries out full hearing checks which take around 60 minutes, he also specialises in Aural Micro Suction. This is a quick, painless procedure which removes a build up of earwax. The service will be available in store later this month.  

‘We’re very keen to increase awareness among local residents and communicate the importance of getting regular hearing checks,’ said Kane. ‘Most people know that it’s important to get your eyes examined regularly as part of a full health check, but fewer people realise the importance of having hearing checks. Unlike sight loss, hearing loss is a gradual process that may not be noticed until significant loss of aural awareness has occurred.’

As well as Kane, the four-strong team includes hearing aid audiologist, Tim Drew, hearcare assistant Dani Cremin and trainee hearing aid audiologist, James Duncan.  They look after the hearing for thousands of patients across Wiltshire every day. Appointments are available six days a week and can be made by booking online or calling the store.  

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