A Swansea woman has thanked an optical assistant at the Swansea store for going above and beyond to keep her safe.

Keeping customers safe

Following an evening appointment at Specsavers Swansea, Iris Rees discovered that her husband had moved his car to another car park on the other side of the city centre.

To avoid Mrs Rees walking alone in the dark, Dan Jones, optical assistant at the store, escorted her to meet her husband at the car park.

When she returned to the store for a follow-up appointment the following week, Mrs Rees brought in a gift for Mr Jones, to thank him for keeping her safe.

‘I could have hugged him’

She says: ‘He was so kind to do what he did. It came out of the blue but I was really glad he took the time to walk with me.

‘I can’t put into words how I feel; I could have hugged him.’

Dr Philip Jones, ophthalmic director at the Kingsway store, adds: ‘Our ethos at Specsavers is about ensuring the safety of our customers, both in the store and – in this case – outside of it too.

‘Dan could see that Iris would have to walk across the city centre alone and took the initiative to help her out, a little act of kindness that gave her something to smile about. ‘Well done Dan.’

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