Did you know that around six million people in the UK suffer from tinnitus?

And that there are some very well-known sufferers, including the presenter and DJ Jo Whiley and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, amongst others?

A common condition

It is a common condition, characterised by a constant ringing or buzzing in the ears, and currently has no cure.

The good news is that there are some things that you can do on a daily basis which can make tinnitus easier to manage. And the hearing experts at Specsavers Swanley, in Swanley Shopping Centre, are here to help.

Avoid silence

Lucy Waymont, audiology director at Specsavers Swanley, said: 'One of the biggest things which you need to avoid when you have tinnitus is silence. It might sound a little strange, but actually total silence can make the buzzing sound more pronounced.

‘So it is a good idea to have some background noise when you can – especially when you are trying to sleep – and to avoid wearing earplugs unless you know you are likely to be exposed to an exceptionally loud noise.

Relax and stay active

‘It might also be time to think about your lifestyle. Stress can make tinnitus worse, so having as active a lifestyle as you can could help – as could learning to relax more, perhaps by trying meditation or mindfulness.’

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