Specsavers in Sutton-in-Ashfield came to the aid of a customer during a routine eye test, making a crucial hospital referral.

A word from Sundeep

Michael Ryan visited the store and was seen by optometrist Sundeep Boyal.  Sundeep explained: ‘During the eye test I spotted a visual field depression in Mr Ryan's left eye and noted that his left optic disc appeared pale. Both of these issues gave me cause for concern, and I immediately referred him to the King’s Mill Hospital for ophthalmic investigation.

‘I applaud Mr Ryan for having the courage to come in for an appointment, knowing that something wasn’t quite right.

The importance of regular eye tests 

‘We would urge everyone to have regular eye tests carried out to help maintain healthy eyes.’ 

The hospital found and removed a pituitary tumour and Mr Ryan recently returned to our store for another eye test, which has shown that all is now clear.

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