When Yvonne Edinborough’s husband made an appointment at Sutton Coldfield Specsavers, Yvonne decided she’d follow suit.  Unbeknown to her, this chance appointment would potentially help to save her life.

Unusual symptoms

Sutton Coldfield resident Yvonne (66) had always had regular eye examinations and at the time of her test hadn’t been experiencing any unusual symptoms. 

The mother of two was seen by store optometrist Sabreen Petkar who carried out a thorough eye examination.  Although initial results indicated that Yvonne’s vision was fine, Sabreen had noticed some mild wear and tear at the back of her right eye, prompting her to do some further visual field testing and to use the store’s OCT scanner (like an ultrasound for the back of the eye) to give her more detail. 

‘After conducting a series of routine tests, I detected a homonymous right-sided hemianopia (visual field loss on one side of the vertical midline) in Mrs Edinborough's results, which usually signals a stroke or brain tumour, so I referred her immediately to her doctor,’ said Sabreen. 

‘It was a bit of a shock to say the least,’ commented Yvonne. ‘I hadn’t been having any trouble with my vision so didn’t for one instance think there was anything wrong.’

Frightening discovery

Yvonne’s doctor referred her for more tests, firstly at the Good Hope Hospital before she was sent onto the Queen Elizabeth.  Results here revealed that Yvonne had a large brain tumour and would need to undergo surgery to remove it. 

‘At that time I’d been planning a trip away – but the doctors advised that if I’d gone, and with the outcome of the tumour being unknown, I might not have returned,’ added Yvonne. ‘It was terrifying.’

Fortunately, Yvonne’s surgery was successful and the tumour was benign.  She is now making a full recovery at home and even managed to make it to her daughter’s wedding over the summer.

Thank you Specsavers

‘I’m just so grateful for the team at Specsavers,’ continued Yvonne. ‘And if my story can highlight just how important it is to have your eyes tested regularly then that’s wonderful.  It goes to show that an eye examination is more than just about your vision; remember I had no headaches or other symptoms so if it hadn’t been for Sabreen and the rest of the team at Specsavers then I’m not sure what the outcome would have been.’

Sabreen added, ‘We’re glad that we were able to help Yvonne – her story is quite rare, but cases like this do happen and it’s important that people don’t neglect their eye health as opticians can pick up a range of conditions just by examining your eyes.  Aim to see your optician at least every two years, or pop in straight away if you are experiencing any unusual symptoms.’

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