March is month synonymous with glaucoma. This year glaucome awareness week runs from 11-17 March and Specsavers Surrey Quays store director, Taj Dhiman, has some expert advice to customers worried about the condition.

What is it?

‘Glaucoma is a common eye condition where the optic nerve becomes damaged. It is generally caused by fluid build-up in the front of the eye, which increases pressure inside the eye and can lead to loss of vision if untreated.’

What are the symptoms?

‘There are typically no real signs and symptoms of glaucoma, which is why it is such a danger to individuals. By the time a patient is aware of vision loss, the disease is usually quite advanced so it is incredibly important to ensure you get regular eye checks to nullify the potential for glaucoma to cause any damage.’

How to prevent glaucoma

‘While there are no known ways of preventing glaucoma, blindness or significant vision loss from glaucoma can be prevented if the disease is recognized in the early stages.

In its most prevalent form—primary open angle glaucoma—vision loss is silent, slow, and progressive. It typically affects side vision first (peripheral vision) and as it progresses, central vision is lost.

‘Timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment are therefore key to glaucoma prevention.’

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