Specsavers Surrey Quays are urging people not to wait for their eyes to deteriorate before getting them tested.

Severe conditions

Many people wait until their experience severe symptoms before seeing an optometrist, but the majority of conditions appear symptomless until any real damage has been done.

Eye exams have previously been important in the detection of a number of sight-threatening conditions including glaucoma, diabetes, and high blood pressure and in more extreme circumstances, life-threatening conditions like tumours.

Prioritise eye health

Taj Dhiman, store director at Specsavers Surrey Quays, said: ‘We cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining eye health and would encourage anyone that hasn’t had an eye test in the past two years to make it a priority in 2018.

‘The New Year is always a good time to encourage ourselves to adopt more healthy lifestyles and getting an eye test should certainly be a part of this healthier outlook.’

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