If you’re thinking that your eyes may be deceiving you with the image above, rest assured that the picture is, indeed, rather blurry.

Reality for glaucoma sufferers

However, for a number of people in the UK, this picture above gives a glimpse into the effect that glaucoma can have on an individual’s eye sight.

Following on from Glaucoma Awareness Week, Specsavers Surrey Quays store director, Taj Dhiman, is championing eye tests to help alleviate the damage caused by glaucoma.


Taj says: ‘The danger with sight conditions including glaucoma, is that they appear symptomless until they have caused real damage to one’s sight. That’s why it’s so important for people to make sure they come for their two year check-ups.

‘In Surrey Quays, we’re skilled in diagnosing eye conditions early and we will be able to ensure that the earlier we can detect these abnormalities, the more we can preserve of a person’s vision.

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