Audiology experts in Sudbury are giving out advice to raise awareness of tinnitus.

Currently the hearing condition has no cure but can be managed. Hearing aid audiologist at Specsavers in Sudbury Westly Fox, has offered up some advice on how best to do this.

Loud volume can affect hearing

Westly says: ‘Overexposure to loud volume can be detrimental to our hearing. In fact, it only takes one instance of overexposure to cause permanent damage. There are ways of protecting hearing to avoid losing it. You might be familiar with the temporary ringing in your ears after attending a loud concert or sporting event, but for some, the struggle with this constant internal buzzing affects their life on a daily basis.

Westly added: ‘It is a symptom impacts on a person’s nerve pathway between the ear and the brain but the type of noise heard varies from person to person. Similarly, people manage their tinnitus in different ways, so it’s important to do what feels right for you personally.’

To help manage tinnitus, Westly has given the following top tips:

Top tips to manage tinnitus

Learn to relax

Avoid silence

Avoiding earplugs

Stay active

Keep healthy

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