Specsavers in Street visited the West Pennard Women’s Institute (WI) where optometrist Colin Shearer gave a talk about the importance of eye health.

The importance of eye health

The members of the WI learnt about why they should have regular eye examinations and discussed overall eye health. They were also invited to undertake a hearing screening and take part in a Q&A.

‘I really enjoy talking to the WI and other community groups,’ said Colin. ‘It’s a great opportunity to reach out to local people. Looking after your eyes and ears should form part of your overall health check, but for a lot of people, it’s something they don’t necessarily put to the front of their mind. Hopefully, the talks help them realise how important it is.’

The group were keen to use the hearing screener, which is a simple three-minute check, carried out on a tablet device, to determine if there is any hearing loss, at which point a full test would be recommended.  

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