Whether for ease or just to change your look, if you’ve considered contacts in the past and decided they weren’t for you, it may be worth taking a second look.

Advances in technology mean they are now more comfortable and wearable than ever before and Specsavers in Street has a huge range to choose from. Store director, Colin Shearer, says: ‘We have lots of different lenses and our opticians will advise you on which ones are right for you, based on your prescription and lifestyle.

‘We will also show you how to handle the lenses and how to look after them. Many people are nervous about putting lenses in for the first time, but it is fairly easy with a bit of practice. If you’re having any problems, or there is something you’re not sure about, you can always pop back into the store and we’ll be happy to help.’

Flexible options and trials

Specsavers offers a free contact lens trial so you can try before you buy. Once you have had your assessment and decided on the right lenses for you, we will give you one pair of monthly lenses or five pairs of daily disposable contact lenses to try, for free.

Daily disposable – These are worn for a day and then thrown away. They are a comfortable and simple way of correcting your vision, as you do not need cleaning solutions. They are also a great choice for allergy or hay fever sufferers because a fresh lens surface is gentler on the eye.

Monthly disposables – These lenses can be worn daily for up to a month. They must be removed before going to bed each night, then cleaned and stored with the solutions recommended by your optician.

Continuous wear – These are lenses made of specialised material, which allows more oxygen to reach the front of the eye, which means you can wear them overnight. This makes them a great choice for people with a busy or irregular lifestyle such as shift workers.

Multifocal – These are perfect for anyone who needs different prescriptions for distance and reading, as they can correct both at the same time. The clever design works naturally with the eye to give you clear vision at all distances. They are available as dailies or monthly disposables.

Visit the experts

Specsavers Street is ready to assist you with the latest contact lens technology and highly qualified staff can provide personalised, expert care to each customer.

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