The clinical team at Specsavers in Stirling are up-skilling to better support customers with glaucoma.

Important training

In conjunction with the International Glaucoma Association, Specsavers has developed the training for its retail teams to assist sufferers with their treatment. Specifically, they will be advising on how to effectively administer eye drops, which are crucial for managing the condition.

Preventable blindness

Julie Pritchard, ophthalmic director at Specsavers Stirling, said: ‘Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of preventable blindness in the UK.

‘With no obvious symptoms in the early stages, early diagnosis and careful monitoring are so important. The only way to know if your eyes are healthy is to have regular checks by an optician.

‘Here at Stirling, we have a dedicated team of clinical assistants that work alongside our seven optician’s instore who have all successfully completed their IGA training in glaucoma. It also enables the clinical team to better understand what visual symptom more advanced glaucoma patients experience day to day and the importance of regular use of their medication.’

The training provides another layer to add to their clinical knowledge, allowing them to give advice on the importance of regular check-ups and what extra clinical tests are carried out to investigate for glaucoma.

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