We were thrilled to receive this letter of thanks from an anonymous customer who visited Specsavers opticians in Stirling. 

Hello, I visited your Stirling store on Saturday 13th July and as usual the service was second to none leaving me an extremely happy and satisfied customer.

The only down side is that I hadn't visited Specsavers earlier. On impulse I went into the Specsavers store and from the moment I walked through the door I felt like a valued customer, which in this day and age is extremely rare.

I brought two pairs of specs (which are absolutely lovely) and sunglasses from Specsavers last year as I was going on holiday to Australia and they were absolutely amazing.  Whilst I was there it was the hottest day ever on record and yet the glare of the sun in no way penetrated my sunglasses and that is proof enough of the quality of the products provided by Specsavers.

It was my two year check up on Saturday and the examination was second to none and again, the staff were exquisite and I can’t praise their helpfulness enough. Their professionalism was exceptional. I came out in the knowledge that my eyesight is in good hands.

I do have hearing aids from the NHS, however, if I am ever able to afford to go to Specsavers for a hearing test and digital hearing aids, I will in the knowledge that they will not try to sell me anything that would not help my hearing and once again I would be in very safe hands.

Many thanks Specsavers for an exceptional service. The company and all of its staff are utter stars. 


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