The team at the St Helens Specsavers store don’t like to see any of their customers sad.

So when they saw two year old Lucia upset after losing her birthday present and loveable stuffed companion, Skye, they knew they wanted to do something to make her smile again.

Skye 2.0

Lucia had created Skye, the small stuffed puppy, at a local Build A Bear store and was devastated when she misplaced it. Determined to do something to help, the St Helens team came together to purchase a Build A Bear voucher so that Lucia could make a Skye 2.0.

Anna, Lucia’s mum and St Helen’s Specsavers customer, said: ‘This is by far one of the kindest and most generous acts anyone has ever done for us. I cannot thank the team at St Helens Specsavers enough for helping to make Lucia a very happy girl again and reuniting her with a new Skye – this one is extra special and comes with her own little beating heart too. A huge thank you to the team!’

Smiles all around

Thomas Lowry, director of the St Helens Specsavers store, said ‘Saving sight is just one of the teams’ passions, reuniting small stuffed dogs with their owner is another!

‘Here at Specsavers we always go above and beyond for your customers and we’re all so glad we could put a smile back on Lucia’s face.’

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