An opticians in St Annes has received a letter from a local MP congratulating the staff for their charitable work in helping to raise money for developing countries.

The St Annes store director, Ed Shield, received the personalised letter on behalf of the store. In the letter, the store was commended for its hard work donating recycled glasses for the charity, Vision Aid Overseas.

Continuing hard work donating glasses all year round

And to continue its good work, as part of Random Acts of Kindness Week (10-16 February), the store wanted to remind local people to donate their unwanted glasses as their own random good deed of the week. Special collection bins are set up and ready for the general public to donate their old specs at any time.

The St Annes store director, Ed Shield, says: ‘Random Act of Kindness week is another way we can encourage local people to give to people to help those in need. Receiving a letter from the local MP commending the store for its hard work for Vision Aid Overseas was fantastic – it’s so touching and has made the staff even more determined to collect many more glasses this year.’

‘By simply bringing your old specs to us you can complete an easy act of kindness that will help improve the life of somebody in the developing world.’

He continues: ‘Eye care is something that we take for granted in the UK because there is an optician on almost every high street.’

‘For people in developing countries this is not the case, and as a result children are unable to finish their education, parents cannot work to support their families and some grandparents have never seen their grandchildren.’

Specsavers working closely with Vision Aid Overseas

Specsavers has worked closely with Vision Aid Overseas for the last ten years. In this time, the company has raised more than £370,000 and has collected over 250,000 pairs of recycled glasses.

To date, the money raised has been put to good use by funding the construction of a school for optometry in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, and two vision centres in the country’s Central and Luapula provinces. The charity aims to add six more vision centres by 2015 so that there is one in each province of Zambia.

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