Work/life balance can be tricky to achieve – but it really matters, and it can be done.

That was the message of a speech given by Stanmore store director Poonam Patel to over a hundred colleagues at a London region Specsavers conference at the beginning of November.

Wellbeing matters

As a working mum to three children under the age of 7, Poonam stressed the importance of running a tight ship and great diary management.

Poonam said: ‘It is really important when you are busy to make time for yourself. I make sure that I take half an hour in the morning as personal downtime to exercise or just relax. Personal wellbeing really matters if you are going to deliver the best for your family, team, customers and local community.’

Building relationships

Since the Stanmore store opened a year ago, extra hours have been part of the job for Poonam. Part of her role has been to build strong relationships with local communities – and to promote eye care awareness with local schools and colleges.

She said: ‘The key to running any business, but especially a new business, is getting the right team around you. Making sure your store builds strong roots in your community is vital.’

Empowering people

‘Once your store team are confident and empowered to make their own decisions, you can start to take a little more time for yourself.’

‘Having the right team around you at home matters too. Nobody should ever be afraid to ask for help, and nobody can do everything themselves. Recognising that is the first step to improving your work/life balance.’

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