Dry eyes can be a real pain all year round, but especially in the colder months.

That is because the combination of cold windy weather outside and warm central heating inside can play havoc with the moisture levels in your eyes.

Blink more often

The good news is that is one simple thing you can do to keep your eyes hydrated – blink more often.

That is according to the eye experts at Specsavers Stanmore, in Church Road.

Studies suggest that we should be blinking more than 20 times per minute in normal circumstances – but that drops as low as five times a minute when we are concentrating on a screen, be it a TV, a smartphone or anything else.

Here to help

Poonam Patel, store director in Stanmore, said: ‘Remembering to blink is really important, even if you have to train yourself to do so, but it is important to remember that not all cases of dry eyes can be cured this way.

‘We can offer advice and support in store, so why not pop in and see us – and have an eye test, if you have not had one for a while.’

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