The girls team at St Andrews and East Neuk Community Football Club will be training in style this season thanks to their new kit provided by Specsavers.

The community club offers coaching and arranges football matches for multiple teams and age groups in St Andrews.

Aim to recruit more

John Drysdale, chairman at St Andrews and East Neuk Community Football Club, said: ‘Our over-arching aim is to make it as easy as possible for everyone in the Fife area to participate in the sport of football.

‘One focus for the club this season is to recruit more female players. We currently have 28 girls registered at the club and with our active schools programme underway at several local schools, we hope to reach 40 members over the winter period.

‘The new tracksuit training tops that St Andrews Specsavers has provided will help give the girls a sense of uniformity and pride to be part of the team.

‘We would also like to thank the Scottish Football Partnership for awarding us a start-up grant, this has been tremendously helpful.’

Best of luck

Specsavers director, Julia Campbell said: ‘The aim of St Andrews and East Neuk Community Football Club to get girls more involved in sport - something we are extremely proud to support.

‘We look forward to seeing the team in their new training tops and we wish them the best of luck this season.’

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