An eye examination proved to be the best £24 Mathew Harvey had ever spent.
Earache with blurred vision
The 28-year-old Stafford resident hadn’t had his eyes tested since he was 15, but when he started getting headaches, blurred vision and what seemed to be an ear infection his doctor suggested that perhaps he should get his sight checked. 
Expecting to need a prescription for glasses, Mathew was, therefore, surprised when the Specsavers optometrist Rebecca Ireland said that she was going to refer him straight to Wolverhampton Eye Infirmary, as she could see some swelling behind his eyes (bilateral papilloedema).
Brain tumour discovered
The hospital confirmed the swelling and admitted Mathew for further tests including an MRI scan.  At first it was thought that Mathew had a brain cyst (which was the size of an egg), but later it was diagnosed as a grade three brain tumour. 
‘It was a complete shock,’ commented Mathew.
‘I never dreamt that my symptoms – which seemed quite minor – were actually masking a very serious condition.  If I’d left it much longer I could have lost my sight or indeed my life.’
Importance of eye test for your overall health
Mathew underwent an operation to remove the tumour and is now on the road to recovery, attending the hospital for regular checkups.
‘The last few weeks have certainly made me realise how important regular eye tests are, and I certainly won’t be leaving it more than 10 years next time,’ added Mathew.
Cases like Mathew’s aren’t common, but optometrists can pick up a number of health issues through a regular eye examination, as Rebecca Ireland commented: ‘Mathew’s story, although rare, really does show how important regular eye examinations are.
We advise all our customers to get their eyes tested every two years, unless they’re experiencing any problems like Mathew, in which case they should come in sooner.’