If you have not had an eye test recently, you really should think about getting one soon.

That is because, as well as checking to see if you need glasses or contact lenses for the first time – or need a new prescription – eye tests can also help provide a vital early warning of conditions like glaucoma.

Silent thief of sight

As the leading cause of irreversible sight loss, glaucoma really is a silent thief of sight.

It is often symptomless at early stages, and needs careful management after it is diagnosed to stop it getting worse. Fortunately the team at Specsavers South Harrow, in Northolt Road, are here to help.

Regular eye tests

Tejas Bhatt, store director in South Harrow, said: ‘Glaucoma often affects older people and those with other eye conditions, but it can affect any of us at any time. Regular eye tests can help us detect it for you – and give you the best possible chance of keeping as much of your eyesight as possible.

Serving our customers

‘Some of our team have recently taken a training course in glaucoma management, to help our customers with the condition to apply their eye drops effectively. It is just one of the ways we are developing our team to better serve our customers. So why not come and see us soon.’

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