As temperatures increase and British summer time arrives, Specsavers in Skipton is urging residents to prioritise their eye health.

Avoid harmful UV rays

Staff at the Skipton Specsavers want to raise awareness about the importance of wearing the correct eye protection to avoid harmful UV rays.

Consumers should be aware that the price, darkness and tint of sunglasses do not necessarily have a bearing on the strength of the protection offered and without appropriate eye protection harmful rays can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration, pterygia, photokeratitis and skin cancer.

Richard Johnston, store director at Skipton Specsavers, says: ‘Many people aren’t aware of the dangers UV rays can have on the health of your eyes. Staff in store can advise on the types of sunglasses that should be purchased to appropriately protect your vision during summer and on holiday.’

Specsavers offers a vast range of designer sunglasses all of which can have UV filters and sun tint applied to the lenses. Reaction lenses can also be applied which cleverly adapt to light conditions: indoors, the photochromic lenses are clear but one outside in bright, natural light, the lenses darken, giving the wearer 100% UV protection.

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