Two members of the Skipton team recently visited a local primary school to teach the pupils about the importance of eye health.

Gillian Emmison and Victoria Duckworth from Specsavers both gave a talk about how light affects the eyes to 30 children at Carleton primary school, aged six and seven.

Class is in session

Gillian and Victoria advised the children on how to correctly protect their eyes when playing out in the sunshine and about the risks to eyesight which prolonged exposure to UV light may have.

Store director at Specsavers Skipton, Justine Sturtivant said: ‘We were really keen to help out in the local community by bringing our expertise into schools to educate not only children, but parents and teachers.

‘It’s vital that children understand the basics of how their eyes work and how to look after them. Similarly, it is important to provide parents with essential advice on the importance of how to protect their children’s eyes. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.’

‘Learning valuable advice’

Rachel Sigsworth, a science teacher from Carleton primary school, added: ‘The children loved learning about their eyes. The visits from the team at Specsavers always go down really well, the children pay attention and learn valuable advice from our local optical experts.’

Eye examinations and glasses are available free of charge through the NHS for all children under 16 at Specsavers Skipton.

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