Opticians from Specsavers Skipton have spent the afternoon at Carleton Primary School speaking to pupils about the importance of caring for their eyes.

Road safety
Gillian Emmison and Tom Lodge from Specsavers in Skipton provided pupils with high-visibility vests as part of a national road safety initiative by Specsavers.

They also took the afternoon to discuss topics such as light’s impact on the eye, eye health and how the eye works with pupils aged seven to eight.

A word from the director
Justine Sturtivant, store director at Specsavers Skipton, said: ‘We were really keen to help the local area by bringing our expertise into schools to educate not only children, but teachers and parents alike.

It’s vital that children understand the basics of how the eye works and how to look after their eyes. Similarly it is important to provide parents with essential advice on the importance of regular eye examinations.

It was a really successful afternoon and we hope that we can extend our expertise to other schools within the community over the coming months.’

Thank you from the school
Rachel Sigsworth, science teacher from Carleton Primary School, added: 'The children loved learning about the size of animals' pupils' changing depending on how light it is outside and were very fascinated that the average lifespan of an eye-lash is five months.

They absolutely loved the puzzles and optical illusions in the pack they were given and were so proud of their new high-vis jackets and Red Nose Day glasses that they wore them in to our good work assembly at the end of the day to show to the other classes and parents.'

Eye examinations and glasses are available free of charge through the NHS for all children under 16 at Specsavers Skipton.

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