Over the weekend, the team at Specsavers at The Forum each donated to don their most impressive headgear for the colourful annual event ‘Wear a Hat Day’, with the money raised in-store going to the Brain Tumour Research charity.

Optical assistant Harry took the fundraising even further, by bringing in store the mask his mum used when she received radiotherapy for a brain tumour when Harry was just a child. While his mother has now fully recovered, Harry is still on a mission to raise awareness of the disease and to encourage people to donate to the charity.

'Fantastic opportunity'

Caroline Matthews, store director at Crewe Specsavers, said: ‘This was fantastic opportunity to raise both awareness of and funds for Brain Tumour Research so our entire team was determined to get involved.

‘It’s a subject close to our hearts, both professionally and personally. By fundraising for Brain Tumour Research we are helping to ensure improved outcomes for those who have been diagnosed with the condition, thanks to the excellent work of the charity.’

Donations for an important cause

Donations will help to fund the work carried out by scientists at Brain Tumour Research’s Centres of Excellence, who are investigating brain tumours to find more effective treatments and ultimately a cure.

Research into brain tumours receives less than one per cent of national cancer research spending in the UK, yet the disease kills more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer.

An eye test at your local opticians can be the first step towards diagnosis for anyone unknowingly suffering with the symptoms of a brain tumour, and so the cause is one which means a great deal to the store.

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