A Sittingbourne man’s life was saved after a Specsavers optician discovered internal bleeding on his brain. 

23-year-old Jonathan Flanders attended an eye examination at Specsavers in Sittingbourne after suffering severe headaches following a head injury.

Undetected condition

Jonathan says: ‘During my mixed martial arts class, I took a hard blow to the head.

‘I started to get really painful headaches so went to the doctor, but they said it was just concussion. They recommended that I had an eye test because of my consistently bad migraines in the past.’ 

Bleeding behind the eyes

Specsavers optician Hawa Cassim performed the eye test and noticed bleeding behind Jonathan’s eyes. After referring him to an eye clinic, he was transferred straight to hospital for bleeding on his brain.

Two week recovery

‘My parents were told that they had to say goodbye to their son, as the hospital didn’t think I was going to pull through the operation. They had to take a piece of skull out of my head and I spent two weeks recovering in hospital.

Regular eye tests are essential

‘I’m so grateful to Specsavers in Sittingbourne for what they did for me. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t still be here today. I’d just like to make people aware of how important eye tests are and to have regular check-ups – it just might save your life.’

Optician Hawa Cassim says: ‘We’re so happy that Jon has made a full recovery. ‘It just goes to show how vital it is for people to get their eyes tested. You should always attend routine eye check-ups – there could just be something that has gone otherwise undetected.’

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