No, you’re eyes aren’t playing tricks on you and yes, you can see a blur outer edge.

Permanent damage

The picture above has been altered deliberately to give customers an impression of the sort of damage to sight they can expect if they were to go undiagnosed with glaucoma.

Following last week’s World Glaucoma Awareness Week, Specsavers Sidcup are promoting regular eye check-ups to ensure customers can manage the potential impact that a glaucoma diagnosis could have on their eye sight.

Impact of glaucoma

Ebahi Demi-Ejegi, store director at Sidcup, said: ‘Glaucoma can have a massively detrimental impact on a person’s vision. It can lead to their sight becoming hazy and blurred, especially with peripheral vision.

‘Last week’s awareness week gave us a fantastic opportunity to discuss the impact that glaucoma can have and therefore the importance of people coming in for regular eye tests.

‘The quicker we can diagnose glaucoma in a person, the more time we have to manage and treat the condition and make sure we can limit its long-term impact.’

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