Customers at the new Specsavers store in Sheringham could be some of the first in the UK to experience a state of the art new eye testing machine.

Optical coherence tomography, also known as OCT, is being rolled out across Specsavers stores across the UK over the course of this year – but as a new store, Specsavers Sheringham is an early adopter.

Early detection matters

The OCT machine is designed to enable early detection of a number of eye conditions.

These include the early stages of conditions like age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, where early detection can be vital in avoiding sight loss.

A word from the store director

Kevin Osborne, store director in Sheringham, said: ‘An OCT test can be really useful for people over the age of 40, or for those who already have a known eye condition. It can produce really high quality 3D images which can be shared with other medical professional where further treatment is needed.

‘The OCT machine is a real step forward in early diagnosis of eye conditions, and we are delighted to have one available to patients at Specsavers Sheringham.’

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