Central heating and cold winds can play havoc with your eyes, often making them feel gritty, bloodshot and dry. Specsavers in Shepherds Bush opthalmic optician Rebecca Burgess, shares a few tips to help keep eyes in tip top condition this winter.

How to maintain healthy eyes

Reduce dry eyes this winter by turning down the setting on your central heating, avoiding car heaters and sitting away from the direct heat of electric heaters in the office.

Drink plenty of water

The gritty feeling we sometimes experienced in our eyes during the winter months can get worse with dehydration.

Rebecca says: ‘Make sure you're drinking lots of water if you're suffering from dry eyes. Using eye drops can also add extra lubrication to the eyes.

Stop the spread

Many people suffer from the common cold and flu in winter. These respiratory infections can inflame your conjunctiva and you can help prevent cross infection from bacteria in coughs and sneezes by washing your hands before touching your eyes.

Winter is a great time to get your eyes tested as poor light conditions can make you susceptible to eyestrain and everyone should get their eyes tested once every two years, or sooner if you are experiencing problems.

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