As part of Road Safety Week 2020 (November 16 – 22) road safety charity, Brake has partnered with Specsavers to raise awareness of the importance of looking after our sight, particularly when driving, cycling and being on the roads, with safety being paramount.


With more of us taking to our bikes to reduce our carbon footprint and to encourage each of us to be more independent and mobile, Specsavers stores across London have been donating high viz jackets to support local community initiatives.


Cycling safely on London roads

One such initiative saw Specsavers Shepherds Bush kindly donate 20 high viz jackets to the 4th Ealing Brownies, who had just taken their Bikeability Level 1 cycling course. The aim of which is to develop cycling skills in an off-road environment and prepare cyclists for being on the roads and on cycle path highways.


Bikeability is the government-accredited scheme which provides practical and professional training, to ensure that cyclists have the core safety skills and confidence required before they venture onto roads and dedicated cycle routes. Ealing Council offer free cycling training to anyone living, working or studying in the Borough, so the Brownie group, which is run by volunteers was able to take advantage of this important training.


High viz jackets increase visibility

Being seen, whether on a bike or walking, is important for all ages and especially for younger children during the darker winter months. This year’s campaign: ‘No need to speed’ is being promoted during Road Safety Week to encourage everyone and in particular drivers, to check their eyesight is in tip-top condition. The poorer lighting and dazzle from lights in the dark evenings can easily impact on a driver’s ability to have good vision.


Kirsty Fletcher, known to the Brownies as Tawny Owl said; ‘We are delighted to receive the donation of high viz jackets from Specsavers Shepherds Bush for our Brownies following their off-road cycle training. We are keen that they feel confident when cycling and that they can be seen clearly, especially during the winter months when the lighting is poor. The Brownies will be able to make good use of the Specsavers high viz vests for many months to come.’


For more information or to request an appointment you can contact your local Specsavers Shepherds Bush store here.